01. The grammar book [includes] lists of irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, and spelling rules.
02. A single ant colony can [include] over 5 million busy members.
03. Our language lab [includes] all the latest computing technology.
04. The first settlers from England, [including] a group of convicts, arrived in Sydney, Australia in January of 1788.
05. Cash crops of Colombia [include] coffee, bananas, flowers, cacao, cotton, sugar, and tobacco.
06. It has been shown in science that there is no natural category that [includes] chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, but excludes humans.
07. The festivities [included] a huge display of fireworks.
08. Officially, there are 70 winning moves in sumo wrestling, [including] twists, thrusts, flips, and shoves.
09. The charge for the hotel room [includes] breakfast.
10. We really should [include] Donna in our plans for the party.
11. The [inclusion] of the children in the discussions for the Christmas show was a great idea.
12. All prices shown are [inclusive] of both federal and provincial tax.
13. The tournament is being held from December fourth to tenth [inclusive].
14. Mario Gretzky will certainly be considered for [inclusion] in the annual all-star team.
15. The rent for the flat is £300 [inclusive] of telephone, heat and electricity.
16. Over the years, the club has become much more [inclusive] and, in fact, now has many female members.
17. America is a multicultural country [inclusive] of all races, cultures and nationalities.
18. Mahatma Gandhi once noted that freedom is not worth having if it does not [include] the freedom to make mistakes.
19. A Tamil proverb advises, "If you are buying a cow, make sure that the price of the tail is [included]."
20. The United States is home to the United Nations, and many of its agencies, including the World Bank.
21. When people talk about drug abuse, they never seem to [include] alcoholism or smoking, which are probably the most common forms of drug abuse in our society.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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